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College 2.0

May 27, 2006

Joining the rash of "2.0" adopters, I saw this morning an article coining University 2.0. They are basically getting rid of in-class lectures, relying heavily on podcasting; students ask questions via email and are answered on a blog. The professor states that the reason for doing this is that he found large lectures to not be very beneficial. This allows him to spend time with smaller groups of students (he has an online calendar) that students can sign up to meet with him concerning their work.  I don't think he argues that this is a replacement for upper-level course work, but could be a nice alternative to large lecture classes where interacting with the professor happens very little. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.


Google Librarian Center

May 26, 2006

In an effort to work more closely with librarians, Google created the Google Librarian Center. They have a cool poster to show users how to more effectively use the search engine to produce better results. It would be nice if we had one for our catalog…

A new hope

May 25, 2006

Tasked to find ways to keep the staff abreast of trends in technology, we thought, "why not a blog?" OK, you're right, a blog is hardly new, but, you have to start somewhere. Within this blog we will report on what we've read, seen, are doing, might do later, hope to never do, and what we'd like to do if we had the money.

Stay tuned.