Advances in Storage Technology

In an earlier post I mentioned Ray Kurzwell's prediction that we are going to see 20,000 years of technological progress in this century at the rate technology is advancing.  Yesterday I was looking at the Hitachi Global Storage Technologies web site where they describe perpendicular recording.  This is where bits are aligned vertically rather than horizontally allowing more data to be stored with less corruption.  Hitachi describes this technology in a very entertaining animated song and dance flash program.  See "Get Perpendicular" here.  What does this mean practically? You'll be able to store a lot more songs on your mp3 player.  A 6Gb micro-drive can hold about 3,000 songs.  Using perpendicular recording, the micro-drive could hold 30,000 songs or over 1,500 hours of listening pleasure.  This might seem like a trivial example but keep in mind that data is data whether it takes the form of music, movies, pictures, or books – it is all bits.  We are talking about the capability to store huge amounts of data in very protable devices.

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