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Last week I participated in the Alliance Library Systems "On-line Library 2.0 Extravaganza!" conducted by Michael Stephens. The extravaganza was in four parts, the first being blogging. The presentation on blogging is available at the OPAL Archives web site. Michael also provided additional information in this posting on his blog. I hope you will listen to the presentation and view the slides.  Be sure to use Internet Explorer when viewing the presentation.

Blogs have become a major source of information for me. One reason being that there are very smart people out there willing to share. For another, immediacy – It isn't unusual to find events discussed in blogs as they are happening or within minutes of being announced. As Michael was conducting the first session, it was being bloged. Here are some points Michael makes

  • We need to use available tools for collaboration and communication to better serve our users. They use these tools and we are going to be left behind.
  • "Library weblogs can be building blocks for communicating news and information."
    • Sharing how the library works and how resources are used.
    • Communicates to staff what people do.
    • Creates community. (my emphasis)
  • Read and evaluate other blogs.
  • Blogs don't have to be permanent. You can create a blog for a special event or project.
  • Collaborative authorship can spread the writing duties but there needs to be a common voice and mission.
  • You can have blogs to support any aspect of the library.

There is no technological barrier to blogging. Techview is hosted by WordPress where the setup is taken care of for you. It took longer to think of a name than it did to create. Perhaps ten minutes elapsed between the creation and first post.

So listen to Michael and view his slides. Read and evaluate other blogs. think about how can you use bolgs to inform people about the activities in your unit. Blogs are also marketing & promotion tools. Do it!

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