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I ran across this cool use of IM on the Librarian in Black blog, IM your library catalog…sort of. If you add byomsWikipedia to your AIM buddy list, you can send a query to WikiPedia. You get back a short answer with a link to the complete WikiPedia article. Nifty. This is something cooked up by Korozu and made available at From the web site: "byoms are personalized instant messaging search you create from information sources you trust and rely on."

TechCrunch has a nice description – Korozu searches your favorite sites by IM – about byoms with additional examples such as the International Movie Database. See also SearchEngineWatch which has a long article, Kozoru Opens Public Beta Testing of Byoms.

The Librarian in Black tried to create one for her library catalog though it doesn't work well she says. Still, it is an interesting idea that will appeal to our mobile population. I'm going to create an account and give it a try.

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  1. Wayne Says:

    I’ve had an idea on how to implement this for a couple of years but it never went anywhere. I wasn’t too sure if it would be used enough to justify the amount of time it would take. ColdFusion has event gateways that you can implement chat clients. Using a Z39.50 client (it was the only way I could think the get the query results from the catalog), you make a couple of web services that “talk” to the Z39.50 client and the XMPP services. Probably would take a week or two to make.

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