Google – Is there an end?

So Google has activated another service today, Google Checkout. It is analogous to Pay Pal. TechCrunch wrote about it here. How long do you think it will take before you receive your first phishing email asking you to verify your Checkout account?

Google also had a booth at ALA. If anyone attended ALA and stopped by, I’d love to hear how they pitched themselves to librarians (and did they have good loot).

Update:  Google says that they don’t want to be your ISP.  Read what Google says on Wired News.  It is an interesting follow-up on the reports they are buying dark fiber.
Have you looked at everything Google offers these days? With announcements spread-out you might lose track of all the other services they provide. Off the top of my head, here is what I use or have read about. You can Google Google to find more:

  • Google Desktop on my PC
  • We run a google Appliance to index the library’s website.
  • I have Google search box in my FireFox browser
  • I have two Gmail accounts
  • I have a Custom Google home page
  • I have a Google Calendar account (plus I have access to a shared calendar for an organization)
  • I have Google Talk (IM)
  • I check Google News
  • I’m a member of a Google Group
  • I’ve signed up to try Google Picasa Web Albums
  • Upteen different kinds of searches including Google Scholar for more academic search results and Google Catalogs so I can find another source for black t-shirts
  • I can view Lance Armstrong on the Charlie Rose show using Google Video
  • I can look for black helicopters using Google Earth
  • I can search the full text of books for references to Gerald Durrell using Google Books
  • From my Blackberry I can send an SMS message containing a search string to Google
  • Google is rolling out a WiFi network (in San Francisco right now) and buying dark fiber (ie unused) presumably to build a nation-wide, hight capacity data network
  • Google owns 79 billion billion billion IPv6 addresses. ZDNet has an article on this.
  • Google is exploring AI (artificial intelligence) search engines. Blogged here and here

You get the idea. Google apparently has no limits in its ability to regularly roll out new products. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might start thinking about Skynet from the Terminator movies. Remember the benign way it started. Hmm, can a Google Satellite be in our near future? Or maybe I would wonder if Google is the technology arm of the Illuminati. But I choose to be optimistic and hope that, like Jean Luc Picard (but not Locutus of Borg), one day I’ll just have to say, “Google, I need …”

There is an interesting article in Business Week Online that goes Inside Google’s New-Product Process that looks into Google’s apparent product development ADD.

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