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From Life as I Know It: Thoughts from an MLS Student … comes OPAC Blog Posts – A list. I had planned to put together such a list myself but was daunted by the amount of blogging that has taken place on the state of the OPAC. Go down her list and you will come away with a good overview of how the OPAC is perceived, problems with the current versions of the OPAC, and what should be done to improve/save the OPAC.

Addendum1: I’m not sure there is an end to this topic. On is this posting: OPACs in the frying pan, vendors in the fire. John takes an interesting chronological approach to the recent discussions particularly in light of his ILS Customer Bill -of -Rights. Recommended reading if you are concerned about the OPAC. Well, even if you are not concerned it is still recommended reading because you should be.

Addendum2: Eric Lease Morgan, who started the NGC4LIB (Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries) listserv, has a concept of what the next generation library catalog could look like. His paper

“… outlines an idea for a “next generation” library catalog. In two sentences, this catalog is not really an catalog at all but more like a tool designed to make it easier for students to learn, teachers to instruct, and scholars to do research. It provides its intended audience with a more effective means for finding and using data and information.”

Read A “Next generation” library catalog here. Eric has given us a nifty conceptual framwork on which to continue the discussion of where the OPAC should go.

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