As I’ve delved deeper into interface design, one of the big things I’ve come up against is organizing a lot of data into something meaningful. I’ve done some experimenting with different visualization algorithms and implementations (check out my “real” blog on RSS Information Visualization). A few days ago, I ran across Many Eyes IBM’s Alpha Works.

Seeing the treemap visualization (and for the really geeky folks, their treemap algorithm is based on the paper Squarified Treemaps) made me think it would be really cool to actualy display a library catalog this way. Without actually doing the work to actually create a real treemap, I suspect it would look something along the lines of this…Treemap Visualization

Imagine each subject heading to be a big box, with sub-categories being smaller sub-sections, and books being the smallest boxes of all. Done correctly, this could be a really cool way to browse and discover items in the catalog.

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