Blogging the SuperConference – Departure & Arrival

I’m going to try something new this year.  I’m going to attempt to blog from the SirsiDynix SuperConference.   Bets are now being accepted as to my ability to sustain this effort and to compose coherent posts. Starting tomorrow.  Today’s post is just short observations and impressions of the trip.

Before we leave, Northwest moves our departure up to 6:30 am from the fairly civilized 7:45.  Aaargh!

Julie picks me up Saturday at 4:15 am.

We arrive at RIC with plenty of time.  6:30 comes and goes with no flight announcement.   Our flight to Minneapolis disappears from the departure board.  Huh!  Finally a flight crew passes by and we learn that we are taking off at 7:50.  Just like the Army.  Get up early, wait for hours.

Flight to Minneapolis is uneventful.  Midwest is laid out in neat squares, covered in snow. People appear to be living down there.  Departure to Colorado Springs is on-time.  The Airbus 320 is actually comfortable.

Colorado Springs is warmer than the ‘Burg.  This isn’t right.   I want to feel the bite of mountain air.

Arrive at the Broadmoor.  Looks better live than on web cam.   Check into room. Yikes!  I’m not worthy.  This must really be the off season to get a room nicer than a lot of places I’ve lived.   Television has composite video input.  Yea.  I can watch True Grit using my iPod.

Tomorrow Julie goes to a session on Perl programming and I go to one on federated searching.  Should be interesting.  When Joe Lucia from Villanova spoke at Swem he told me that their database use statistics increased dramatically when they implemented federated searching.  Want to be able to build a case for providing it at Swem.

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