Today’s Third Thursday Tech Talk (t4) showcased facebook.com and our library’s contribution SwemTools. I embedded the Facebook Presentation, but most of the links are below:


Fred Stutzman’s Our Lives, Our Facebooks – given at one of Google’s TechTalks

Facebook Groups for Librarians

And of course, SwemTools.

If you’ve got comments about SwemTools specifically, please post them on the application page.

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2 Comments on “Facebook”

  1. Mack Lundy Says:

    The Read/Write Web has an interesting post on the impact of FaceBook. Don’t neglect to read the comments as well.

    The post complements the presentation Wayne and Phil made to the staff.

    Emre Sokullu, the author, concludes “In my opinion, these latest developments are enough to demonstrate why Facebook has already gained the reputation as “the next big thing” for many of us.”

  2. Mack Lundy Says:

    Here is another blog about FaceBook – Is FaceBook Worth the Hype?

    The writer says “a tempered yes.”

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