Last week I got pretty frustrated with LibraryFind. My test environment is a virtualized Ubuntu server (7.04) and I was running into all kinds of errors with Yaz. At first, I tried to install the most current version from the source with the “--enable-shared” switch. The source (finally) compiled after I did some dependency resolutions. However, no matter how many different ways I compiled the software, I kept getting errors with the ruby-zoom (now just zoom) package not being able to locate

After spending more time that I really should have tracking this down, it turns out that there are some changes to the names of the debian packages. What I ended up doing was reverting to my base snapshot (one of the handiest things in virtual test environments) and installed the yaz packages with

sudo apt-get install yaz libyaz2 libyaz2-dev

Then, when I ran the libraryfind software, it stopped producing an error.  I’m not totally out of the woods yet as I can’t get any of the sources (z39.50 or OAI_PMH) to actually do anything. As soon as I get that part working, I’ll post a setup guide for Ubuntu.

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