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BiblioPage – New Search Service Afilliated with Amazon

July 10, 2006

In the book section of LIS News, Blake reported on, an interesting new search service afilliated with Amazon. UPDATE: A reader, Tim, points out that there is a similar service, also gives price comparisons between various such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, etc. Take a look at both. Thanks Tim.

Here is how they describe themselves: is a book finding service. Currently we have a database of approximately 500,000 unique titles. We are an affiliate site of and provide links for our users to purchase titles. The information provided on this site is meant to help anyone who is interested in finding a good book to read.

Behind the scenes they access open Z39.50 servers around the world and parse the MARC records to build a database of unique titles. I find it most interesting to see web services drawing upon traditional library collections to enhance their services. When you add an item to your personal library on, it searches a variety of libraries for the bibliographic information. With BiblioPage, the Amazon shopping experience is enhanced by drawing upon the skills libraries have in organization bibliographic data. I hope we begin to see more of these connections.

Give it a try and be sure to drill down to a specific title. there you will find a brief description of the item, related subject headings, and a “Browse the Shelf” feature arranged by LC classification. You could easily think you were in an OPAC. Take a look at this screen print.
BiblioPage Item Display